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91st Annual National FFA Convention

The 91st Annual National FFA Convention was held in Indianapolis this last week, and what a trip it was.  I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who helped JaLeigh accomplish her goals.  She didn't get the nick name "Barn Boss" for nothing.  Being named the National Sheep Proficiency Winner was such an honor and to say that her dad and I are proud is an understatement.

National Sheep Proficiency Award Winner

With that said JaLeigh and I found an Air B&B tucked into a quaint little corner of downtown Indy.  All of the houses were cute little houses that I am sure were built in the 20's or 30's.  This little bungalow was a mile from every where we needed to be, but tucked back far enough from everything that we were able to let JaLeigh focus on her task at hand.  The beds were super comfy and we were close to all of the restaurants.   We stayed for $90 per night and it was work every penny.  We couldn't find a hotel for any where near that price and no where near that close to downtown.


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