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All American Sheep Show

So I have been super busy with my photography (Final Drive Photography and Oldenburg Photography) and I simply haven't had time to blog about much. 

Today, I wanted to tell everyone about a new experience for the Oldenburg/Shenold/Gralla show team.  Us mom's had been talking about how much the kids would like to stay together and how convenient it would be if we just had a house.  So I proceeded to look for a house.  I am some what of a computer geek and really like the apps on my phone so Air B&B was the app of choice. 

The All American Sheep Show is in Indianapolis and for those of you who have been here well, it is a bit sketch however, we drove around last night looking for a place to eat and no hotels in site that were within 15 min of the fairgrounds.  So I opted for a cool Victorian house built in the 20's or 30's.  The convenience of how close to the fairgrounds it is far out weighs the fact that it is in a sketch part of town.  We are able to all hang out, have dinner and be separated if we need to be.  I know we are for sure saving money on hotel rooms and food and that is a WIN WIN for this money saving momma.   As far as the Air B&B, I give it a thumbs up and I will for sure use it again!

Today the kids wanted a light lunch because they would be working hard washing their sheep.  All 29 head of them.  I guess it isn't work when it is your passion! 

On the menu for lunch is the Spicy Chicken wraps.  You can find the yummy recipe on The Show Barn Cook Facebook page.  

Tonight we are going to have steak fingers, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy.  Watch The Show Barn Cook for the process.

There is no magical show stick or lucky brush.  What there is, is hard work, confidence, passion, and a desire to succeed. 

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