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Camera gear for the barn.

This is a topic I could talk about for days. Canon vs. Nikon. Crop sensor vs. full frame. Mirror less vs. full frame. Which camera is best for photographing livestock and be able to handle the darkness of some barn. Hopefully, I will be able to help you make an educated choice on a camera to purchase for photographing your livestock for sale.

Lets start with the Canon vs. Nikon. There are merely a few differences in the cameras. I am personally a Nikon fan. I like the feel of it in my hand. It is lighter in weight. I am hard on my equipment and have dropped my camera multiple times and they have stood up to the beatings. The major differences in the cameras is that they are opposite as far as where the menus are and the lenses turn the opposite way when focusing. I think that Nikon vs. Canon is just a matter of opinion not quality.

Here are the links to the two cameras I would recommend for starter cameras . These are affiliate links.

These cameras are not full frame cameras and have 5.6 kit lenses on them. They will do the job. However, in the next post we will talk more about the full frame camera and how you can get the look you are going for in low light situations.

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