• Dusty

Carmex~ Cure all for everything!!!!!!

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Rest assured if you are in need of rescuing your chapped lips, I am the mom to hunt down.  I put that stuff on EVERYTHING.   I have the softest lips around, just ask 007.  Are your hands dry and cracked?  Yep I have no problems squeezing out half of a tube into my hands.  Don't worry the greasy feeling goes away quickly.  Chewing on your cuticles?  This stuff will heal them up and leave a yucky taste in your mouth so you will stop chewing on them, I promise.  But my most favorite use for Carmex is on my ear rings.  My ears are super sensitive, so I just dip the post into my little tube of Carmex and pop them in my ears.  No burning or getting infected.  Chapped nose from blowing it too much in the winter time.  Works on that too!  

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