• Dusty

My New Favorite Lotion

If there is one thing I can not stand is my hands being dry!!! The second I start chewing on one cuticle on my finger, I have them all chewed up with in the next 10 minutes. What is my solution you ask? I am one of those people who has some sort of lotion in every cubby, glove box, bag and yes even the show box and baby lotion is the only one that will do until now. I really hated the greasy feel of most lotions and even a few of them made me feel like I had been in a pool too long, thus leaving me feeling prunie. Well all of that has changed. Essentials Daily Body moisturizer has become my new found love. I can put it on after I get out of the shower and my skin does not itch like crazy. I don't feel like I need to put more lotion on every 30 minutes and it has a very light, refreshing scent to it that I am in LOVE with. So if you are anything like me you will love this lotion. Lucky for you I have recently became a Rodan + Fields consultant and you can order here today.


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