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Show Barn Breakfast Burrito's

One of the kids favorite dishes for a show or even if we are home and need a quick on the go breakfast is the breakfast burrito. This does take a little planning on the cook's part but worth the effort. It has lots of protein to keep them full in the show ring until they have time to eat lunch.


18 pack of eggs

1 small package of shredded cheese

1 bag of o'brien potatoes

2 lbs of sausage

The night before you are going to make the burrito's layer your crock pot with the o'brien potatoes ( a couple of handfuls) then cooked sausage (couple of handfuls)

then a couple of handfuls of cheese. In a separate bowl I whisk my eggs and add salt and pepper to you liking. Pour the eggs over the top of the layers, turn your crock pot on warm and let it cook over night. I have one crock pot that will cook the eggs all the way through very well and I have one crock pot that does not. Don't panic if the eggs are not cooked thoroughly when you wrap them in the tortilla and press it on the panini maker, the egg will finish cooking.

In the morning, when I am ready to get breakfast rolling, I fire up the panini maker and get started. I do 2 crock pots full and will usually feed close to 30 people.

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